Trader’s Net discontinued

Shelby County ARC decided in their last meeting to discontinue Trader’s Net. I think this is the right call. With so many places online available for sale & trade of ham equipment, we have found in the last couple of years that listings on the net were somewhat infrequent and also seemed to lead to few actual transactions. The .32 repeater is a really good one, and perhaps in the future the club might decide to do a different kind of net on the repeater. 

If you have a central Alabama ham-related website, or manage a net, or have any other duties along those lines, please delete Trader’s Net from any of your listings. 

I want to thank all the folks that were regulars on the net for their support. Also, big shout out to Suzanne, KK4KIR, who called the Trader’s Net for a long time and made it a pleasure.

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