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ALERT is  the Alabama Emergency Response Team. The team provides the National Weather Service in Birmingham, and the community, on-call emergency communication services. ALERT responds when called upon, for severe storms, tornadoes, flooding, snow, or ice events. ALERT collects  storm spotter data from amateur radio for the Natl Weather Service. To join the team or for more information, visit

The next meeting of ALERT will be on May 8 at 7PM at the National Weather Service Forecast office at the Shelby County Airport.  If you would like to come learn about ALERT or look around the National Weather Service, you are more than welcome to attend. If for some reason you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can still participate via telephone.  The teleconference number is 1-877-951-0997 & and the participant code is 741083.

David Hanna funeral expenses Go Fund Me:

Many of you have already heard the terrible news about David Hanna, WX4NCS. David was the victim of an awful accidental injury and passed away in surgery at UAB on February 10, 2018. This is a shock, of course. For the last few years, David was a mainstay on VHF. He had served as the Assistant EC in Jefferson County and was a frequent net control operator for several of our nets. Anyone who knew him knows that he had a servant’s heart and was a kind and gentle person. He was also passionate about the safety of people in bad weather event and that was why he gave so much of his time to the nets. He was also a welcoming voice on the repeaters and many newer hams will remember him for his outreach and encouragement of ham operators. David loved the Lord and he was a devoted family man. He leaves his wife Lucretia and their pride & joy, their little girl Alivia. Please remember his friends and family in your prayers. That is David Hanna, WX4NCS, silent key.

FCC makes big changes FRS/GMRS/CB

Big changes announced! Highlights, based on my reading of the rules. So check the rules. Link below:

  • More FRS & GMRS frequencies
  • GMRS digital systems will be approved
  • FCC will be certifying FRS radios up to 2 watts PEP. (Previously limited to 0.5 W)
  • FCC will no longer certify FRS devices that incorporate GMRS capabilities
  • Existing GMRS/FRS combination radios that operate at power levels of less than 2 W ERP will be reclassified as FRS devices;
  • Existing GMRS/FRS radios that operate above 2 W PEP will be reclassified as GMRS devices, requiring an individual license. (Rumors were out that FCC might eliminate the requirement for GMRS.)
  • As I read it, they are maintaining the frequencies shared by GMRS and FRS. But, they’re just going to allow FRS/GMRS combination radios.
  • DXing will be officially permitted on CB.

The new rules:

Fayette Co. Frog-Fest 2017 on Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Fayette County Amateur Radio Club (K4ASF) is bring back the Fayette Tailgate of a few years ago,“Frog-Fest 2017,”  on Saturday, May 6, 2017, starting at 8:00 AM. The Grand Prize Drawing will be at 1:00pm but that does not mean that it has to end at that time.
It once again will be by the Lake at the Fayette Guthrie Smith Park located next to the Fayette  Airport, Richard Arthur Field.  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, BBQ and more to eat, some great Bluegrass/Gospel Music and some great door prizes.