ARRL Repeater Directory 2016-2017

Just got this. Gotta say: I’m not crazy about it.

Let’s get this out of the way–the darn thing is flimsy. The paper is not quite as thin as a King James Bible, but pretty close. Worse, the cover is glossy, but the stock is thin. These aren’t quibbles. It just doesn’t seem durable.

But here’s the big change. In previous editions, repeaters were listed separately in sections for 2-meter, 440, 220, etc. Now they have ALL repeaters listed by state and then city. So, if you look at Birmingham, for example, ALL the repeaters, 2-meters, 440, etc., are listed together. It’s visually confusing. Or at least to me. Granted, the number of things that I find confusing is increasing.

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